Vestal is a brand founded by designer Hye-jin Jung.
With a 22-year history, it first entered China in 2008 and was established as a high-end brand in China by 2010. VESTAL means to be chaste, and is a name that signifies the important meaning of the wedding dress itself. Known as the ‘king’ of the wedding dress industry – to some, the Chanel of the wedding dress industry – it is renowned as a high-end brand in China.
Since signing a license agreement with Swarovski in 2012, Hye-Jin Jung has been working as an official partner and has a good relationship with Swarovski. Swarovski is one of the most critical and indispensable elements in VESTAL's dress making. As such, VESTAL's dress stands out with its simple design, colorful and unique materials, and high-quality beadwork with fine details harmonized with Swarovski jewelry.
She launched VESTAL HAUTE COUTURE and J BY VESTAL in 2018 to showcase new styles, and is leading the high-end trend by presenting collections from her high-end brands, VESTAL HAUTE COUTURE and VESTAL BY JUNG HYEJIN.
VESTAL has played a major role in the development of the Chinese wedding industry, and has made a great contribution to revitalizing high-end brands. Now, VESTAL is expanding its brand in the Korean market after establishing a company in Korea at the end of 2018.
VESTAL made its entry to the global market by participating in New York Bridal Week in 2019, with the goal of establishing offices not only in China and Korea, but also around the world.
It has been highly praised in the US for its high-end wedding dresses, and will showcase many collections around the world by participating in a number of world-class fashion weeks, starting with Barcelona Bridal Week in Spain in 2020.
Hye-Jin Jung HAUTE COUTURE, newly launched in 2018, has been renamed VESTAL HAUTE COUTURE. It is a true haute couture brand in which the designer Hye-Jin Jung is directly involved in the entire process, including material selection, design, and production.
VESTAL's unique designs, that contain all the high-end elements in detail
This brand stands out with wedding dresses that combine classic design and colorful decorations using colorful materials, and has a strong Korean feel to target both the Chinese market and Korean consumers.
Launched in 2018 with Hye-jin Jung HAUTE COUTURE, it is a brand with a concept that consists of VESTAL's own craftmanship and design using simple materials, emphasizing the romance and innocence of young ladies.

 Designer Hye-jin Jung
 Establishing her brand with the goal of entering the global market, Hye-Jin Jung is a wedding dress designer and brand owner with 22
 years of experience.
 Designer Hye-jin Jung completes VESTAL's wedding dresses with a philosophy that is rooted in the meaning of the wedding dress,
 and based in making it with her full heart.
 VESTAL's wedding dress looks gorgeous on the outside, but it is truly an haute couture wedding dress with delicate designs even
 in the invisible parts, showing a luxurious lightness and beauty that gives a variety of feelings.
 Hye-jin Jung, who is also known as the “Queen of Beadwork,” has put forward a collection for VESTAL that truly highlights the uniqueness
 of the brand.
 Hye-jin Jung's signature is the use of Swarovski jewelry to incorporate craft design into all its products.